Often, the law enforcing authorities were mere bystanders, what with the poor people breaking their own homes, in order to salvage every brick that could be either reused or sold; however, when assured, that their comments and opinions could not and would not land them in any sort of trouble, a number of law enforcing officers, commented on the injustice of how the homes of the poor were razed to the ground, when the rich continued to occupy illegal or encroached land and thrive on it.

Many of those, who belonged to the law enforcement brigade, silently muttered about the injustice of bulldozing poor people off their homes and virtually on the street. They also wondered and questioned the soundness and equality of the judicial system. The fact remains; there are two laws operating in our country; one is for the rich, powerful and the corrupt and the other is for salt of the earth, who are time and again, trampled mercilessly back into the earth.

From the book "Yamuna Gently Weeps" by Ruzbeh N. Bharucha