It was difficult to watch Shakir's home and the homes of his parents and brothers, along with a STD booth, belonging to the family, being razed to the ground.

I had spent time with his family, interviewing various members, and had been driven all around Yamuna Pushta, with Shakir behind the wheel. Shakir, who worked for Navjyoti, and lived in Yamuna Pushta, would drive me and my team all around the demolished spots in Yamuna Pushta, knowing very well that in a matter of days, even his home and the homes of his family members would be razed to the ground.

Over here, he and his family members try to salvage whatever they can from the rubble.

The saddest moment was when I saw Shakir's mother, stand in muck and gaze with a strange resignation, at the wreckage of what once was her home.

From the book "Yamuna Gently Weeps" by Ruzbeh N. Bharucha