Bulldozers entered Sanjay Amar Colony in Yamuna Pushta, shattering the illusion that politicians would be able to save the homes from demolition. Of course, by then, most of those who did not have much faith or regard for the assurances and promises of politicians had already broken their houses, in order to systematically salvage and preserve their possessions; a quality, which the cold detachment of bulldozers lack.

Pull down your own house, as at the least, you will be able to salvage, all that which could either come of use or be able to fetch some price in the market: such as bricks and pipes and wires etc.

As people began pulling down their own houses, before the bulldozers razed everything to the ground, whatever could not be shifted either to the resettlement colonies or onto the streets, was sold at throwaway prices that the brokers would offer. Sights of old furniture and utensils being taken away, were common and disheartening.

I saw this family; the grandmother, the mother and children, trying to salvage whatever remained of their home. It makes you shudder at their plight and the future that awaits them.

From the book "Yamuna Gently Weeps" by Ruzbeh N. Bharucha