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August 23, 2006:
"Yamuna Gently Weeps" book released
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"Yamuna Gently Weeps - The Film" has been released on DVD. A synopsis of the film is available in the Video section.


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Ruzbeh N. Bharucha was born in 1967, in Mumbai, India. He completed his graduation from Jai Hind College, Mumbai, majoring in Economics. He began his writing career in his final year of college, by editing and publishing a magazine called Venture.

In 1992, he was appointed Associate Editor for Special Audience Publication, and two years later became the Chief Editor of the first weekly newspaper in Pune, The Pune Tribune, published in English and Marathi by A.K. Bhala. In 1995, he was appointed the Executive Editor, Business Publication Division, Indian Express. In 2000, he edited magazines on the paranormal, mysticism, new age, and travel, for S.B. Associates.

His articles have been featured in various publications, namely, Times of India, Free Press, Indian Express, Maharashtra Herald, Sunday Observer, Jame Jamshed and The Afternoon.

In 2000, his first book, The Last Marathon was published by Sainathann Communication, and in 2002, Devi’s Emerald, was published by Vakil, Simon, and Faffer. Both books deal with the paranormal and the spiritual forces in the Cosmos.

In 2004, Fusion Publishers published his book, Shadows In Cages. The book deals with mothers and their children living in Indian prisons. The book is in its second edition and has also been translated in Hindi.

Ruzbeh scripted and directed a documentary called I Believe I Can Fly. The documentary gives a glimpse about life of mothers and their children in Indian prisons and the role of India Vision Foundation, an NGO, headed by Dr. Kiran Bedi, which focuses mainly on Prison reform. The twenty-minute documentary has been screened in Singapore, Sri Lanka, India and the US.

The book, Shadows in Cages, was published and released for the international market by the Himalayan Institute Press, Pennsylvania, USA.

In 2005, Fusion Publishers released his first work of fiction, Rest In Pieces.

His documentary, Yamuna Gently Weeps, a film on the demolition of one of the biggest slums in the world, the Yamuna Pushta, has been invited for screening at various international human rights film festivals.

Yamuna Gently Weeps, a three hundred-page book with heart-wrenching photographs and interviews with slum dwellers, politicians, renowned town planners, environmentalists and activists, was released in August 2006.